5 things for your padre

Need a last-minute gift for the old man? I got you.

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Alright, folks. If you’re in need of a last-minute gift for the old man, I’ve got some ideas for you to work with… we’ll keep this simple.

1/ The Negroni book

Highly recommend. Matt Hranek is a fantastic storyteller, and his newest book is no exception. He writes about the classics, you know—like cars, suits, watches, booze.

In The Negroni, he unpacks the history behind one of my favorite drinks, exploring its place in everyday living.

Grab it here (amazon), or here (Workman publishing) — $16

2/ A sneaker subscription

Call me crazy, but I actually think this would be a dope gift for pops. KYX is a sneaker rental company making it easy to let you loan the most iconic and exclusive sneakers

It’s easy to sign-up, you can wear em’ like they’re yours, shift pricing tiers based on what $ value of sneakers you want, return/exchange them, and so on. Monthly subs range between $50 - $400/mo.

Picture dad looking like this at the first unboxing…

3/ The almighty tote

If there’s anyone who makes a tote bag worthy of your dollars, it’s J.Stark. Erik (the owner) uses the best damn fabrics and makes these totes tough AF. All made in the USA!

These are great for summer picnics, light travel, running errands, and whatever else you need to use it for. Carrying a baby?

Grab it ($90)

Shorts on the go

In partnership with Olivers*

Whether it’s hitting the beach or grilling out, you gotta have a pair of go-to summer shorts. These ones are performance-built and are guaranteed too. If something’s at fault (outside of wear-and-tear), they’ll replace it up to 365 days after purchase.
Check these out!
Price: $98


I personally use Trade and it’s introduced me to some fantastic coffee roasters here in the US, though I’d argue that Yonder is probably better for finding unique, European-based roasters (they’re also more expensive).

Either way, can’t go wrong with this if you want to expose papa to the wide world of specialty coffee, whether he’s a coffee pot guy or into pour-overs.

5/ Chore coats

You already know I’d recommend Paynter for this, but you can’t buy the damn thing since they sell out instantly 4x a year (shoutout to Paynter!). SO, we gotta be realistic, and in lieu of that, Alex Mill’s work jacket isn’t a bad backup. It’s reasonably priced and they do a nice job with the structure of it. It’s 100% cotton and you can dress it up or down.
Grab it here ($160)

A quick (more serious) note

I just want to say that I know Father’s Day isn’t easy (or fun) for everybody. For some, it’s a rough day that represents anger, loss, resentment, and all sorts of other emotions, especially for those who have a severed relationship with their dad, or lost a loved one.

I know what that feels like.

My hope is that each of you can make peace with life, regardless of your feelings surrounding your dad on this holiday. Love y’all.

Here’s a photo of me (far right) at the beach rocking Aimé Leon Dore with my dad and all my siblings (yes, I have 7 of them)…