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Customize your cologne

Alrightyyy, so I was recently put on by the good folks at Fulton & Roark (a grooming brand), and they sent me some products (face wash, beard oil, etc) to test out. Not gonna lie, I’ve been using them ever since.
Wanted to share their fragrance sample pack.
They mail you 8 different scents and you choose the one that works best.

Y’all should test out their sample pack. It costs $20, but comes with a $20 off coupon on the back of the card when you receive it, so it’s basically free.

Check em’ out here.

About that one paint-splattered jacket


This piece is unbelievable, and I don’t care whatchu say.

Funny enough, it reminded me of an old tweet from Derek Guy (one of the almighty writers at Put This On) who once wore his boujee Margiela “painter’s jacket” in public, and here’s what happened…


a n d.

Moving right along… let's talk about this light-brown jacket instead, one that the legendary Japanese designer Junya Watanabe teamed up with Levi’s and Comme des Garçons on (where he works) to design a beautiful, paint-splattered masterpiece.

Grailed’s got the jacket going for $675, so if it’s worth that much to you, have at it! Otherwise, the rest of you can marvel at it like the rest of us.

The Coggins boat shoe

Hopefully, you know his name by now. Menswear + travel writer David Coggins has built a nice corner of the internet for himself over the years. You can often find him writing about fly fishing in South Carolina, wearing linen in Firenze in June, and sipping a negroni at the Savoy in London. He works with menswear brands too.

This time, he’s teamed up with the good folks at Rancourt, an American-made shoe company based out of Maine.

They designed a beautiful boat shoe together, made for all terrains.

Huckberry is selling them. Check em’ out!

A little Carhartt never hurt no one

The Silver Lake-based vintage shop does it again. They just keep delivering more and more FIRE vintage-wear. Here’s a link to their newest Carhartt gear (just scroll down a little).


Not another t-shirt… 😑

I haven’t kept up much with Imogene & Willie lately, but they just launched a tee that caught my eye and I wanted to share. Will spare you the details, hopefully it looks good enough to check out.

Happy searching.

Y’all have a good week ✌️