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Daily Fits in the Faculty Lounge ☕️ 🚬

If you’re new here, Sprezza’s got a private group called the Faculty Lounge. Think of it like taking a smoke break from Slack online. One of my favorite parts is the Daily Fits channel where people share what they’re wearing. There’s major swag amongst this group! Here’s a sample of some recent fits from our members!

Email me if you want an invite to the Faculty Lounge ✌🏻

Renting your kicks (hear me out)

Super pumped to welcome KYX as a partner! They’re a sneaker rental startup that’s changing how we buy stuff. I’ve been testing their monthly sneaker membership and it’s dope! As someone who likes sneakers but doesn’t collect them, this is a solid way to shake up your wardrobe without commitment.

For example, I saw the New Balance x Bodega collab recently and I knew I had zero chance of copping a pair when the sale went live. Plus, I wasn’t even sure if I wanted them. With KYX, I’ve been renting them for a month to see if I like them before I commit to buying them. As an FYI- they do a superb job of cleaning + sanitizing all sneakers before they send out each pair to new customers. If you’re like (AKA not a sneakerhead but appreciate wearing sneakers), give KYX a try and see how you like it.

I can get you 30% off your first month (use the code SPREZZA30). Cancel anytime.

Here are the Bodega’s I’ve been rocking the last few weeks!

Stuff I dig

How things age // Part 1

I started following Kingsley Walters a while back because I’d see him modeling for Paynter. He’s a designer based in London and works with leather, canvas, and creates super dope home goods. He started the brand back in 2015 as a hobby, making little things here and there for his friends. Now he’s making beautiful bags, like this oversized tote. Handmade in the UK.

Gotta love how canvas ages as it gets older; you can tell from the photo on the left. And you could probably fit a small human inside.

How things age // Part 2

Here’s another product that’s got lovely wear-and-tear. Designer Reese Cooper posted a photo of the Wilson boot—a hiking shoe he designed—and what it looks like when you wear it every day for 6 months. That Vibram sole is doing WORK!

Have a good week ☕️ ✌🏻

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