A few things as we head into Autumn

The stuff before *the* stuff.

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A quick note

My dear friends- we are entering my favorite season: Autumn! Over the coming month I’ll be framing content around seasonal guides, and sharing things you should wear as we inch towards cooler weather. Today is a roundup, and the next curated emails will cover things like shoes, outerwear, knitwear, etc.

Prepare your heart; these are exciting times.

Lookbook inspiration

The seasonal lookbooks rolling in and GOOD LORD they are bringing the heat this month! F.E. Castleberry, Ralph Lauren, Private White… here’s a peek at what brands are dropping for their new collections.

F.E. Castleberry

Here’s the full book from FEC if you’re interested. It’s fabulous!

Polo Ralph Lauren

Private White V.C.

Rent your kicks 👟

Yes, I’m going to be a dad next year, so you know I had to show out with the Aimé Leon Dore x NB 550s! I actually didn’t buy them, I rented them with KYX, a sneaker rental startup. They came fresh and crispy like new, and I get to wear them for as little or long as I want, which is awesome. If you’re like me and you wanna try before you buy, this is a great option. Give KYX a try—use my code to get 30% off your first month (SPREZZA30). Cancel anytime.

Sneaker drops 👟

From the archives…

Reclaimed Vintage in LA dug up some OG Gap pieces, and man it really sent me back! Especially the anoraks. Here’s the link, check out what’s left. Some pretty dope pieces.

Go wild.

A seasonal playlist for you 🎶

Every season, I make a playlist of 20 songs I’m absolutely jamming to that feel like they’d belong to the season we’re in. It’s like they get their own theme.

Here is Autumn 2021—hope you enjoy!

Quick hits ⚡️

Summer dog days are over. Fall is coming ☕️ 🍁

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