A Guide to Men's Outerwear this Fall

Find your staples, seasonal one-offs, and other iconic jackets.

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Welcome to Seasonal Guides by Sprezza

I’m so pumped to share my first seasonal guide! Over the coming weeks, I’ll be curating what I think you should invest in for the upcoming fall + winter season. Next up is shoes, accessories, tops, and bottoms.

NOTE: none of these pieces are affiliate-linked. They’re genuinely pieces that I dig! Every piece on this list is here for good reason.

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  • Mackintosh — This is an absolute staple English brand. They’ve been making these jackets since the 1800s, so… they know what they’re doing. This particular coat is waterproof, windproof, and breathable. It’s an investment piece you’d hand down to your child.

  • Montbell — Montbell makes these fantastic, multi-disciplinary thermal down parkas. Works excellently in colder weather, especially in outdoor conditions like fighting off the snow while climbing or hiking.

  • Stutterheim If there’s anyone who knows about rain, it’s the Swedes. Stutterheim, born out of Stockholm, has become synonymous with rainwear, and they make a damn good rubberized cotton jacket. This is another (more urban, city-focused) staple you should have in your closet. So many colors to choose from too!


Where to purchase:

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  • Drakes waxed cotton jacketIt’s my humble opinion that Drakes is very qualified to iterate on such an iconic British jacket (given Barbour’s history). This is a fabulous piece, top to bottom; the waxed cotton is just so rich. Works great wearing out to dinner, commuting, or hunting (if that’s your thing).

  • orSlow fleece jacketIt’s as soft as it looks. Trust orSlow. That’s all on this one.

  • Arc’teryx softshell — Arc’teryx’s ability to tow the lines between functionality / outdoor and fashion amazes me. Also a good bet for fending off rain!

Where to purchase:

  • Paynteryou can only get these bad boys 4 times a year, and each jacket is different from the last. They’re made to order and made with the best fabrics. Your best bet is for you to join their newsletter so you know when the next batch drops!

  • Vintage Carhartt — No Maintenance is an incredible vintage dealer in LA that curates some insane pieces like the classic Detroit Carhartt jackets. He restocks what he has regularly, so follow along to catch the next one. Reclaimed LA also does a great job with Carhartt curation!

  • Kapital Kountry denim jacketThis piece from Japanese brand Kapital just giving me Robert Redford vibes, but also love the quirky play with smiley faces on the sleeves.

  • GLORThis may be one of the dopest pieces you can get your hands on at the moment, partially because it’s so damn hard to get, but mostly because all their pieces are made from vintage Moroccan blankets… so every jacket is unique. Check their IG regularly to see when new stuff pops up.

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