A history of Matt Damon's most iconic fits

The good, the great, and the absolute ugly.

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Hey, fam!

I’m working on a bunch of fun, new content for y’all right now. In the meantime—before it’s ready—I thought it’d be fun to explore the history of Matt Damon’s style over the years.

Here’s a roundup of some iconic fits…

Preppy Matt Damon // Talented Mr. Ripley

First up we got Matt *preppy* Damon, in the Talented Mr. Ripley. It's really all about the glasses in this one. And the hair, it’s got that one stray part. Just effortless.

Wicked SMAHT! Matt Damon // Good Will Hunting

I actually just rewatched this one. These fits are a little more like casual Will since he was a janitor and didn't have much money. But he still made it look chill! Especially with the vintage tees and chore coat.

Russian drug dealer Matt Damon // Bourne Series

This is where Matt is forever imprinted as a hardass in my mind. C’mon. We all see it right?

The orange-ish quarter zip is what sends me! Definitely Moscow vibes.

Kentucky Derby Matt Damon // Oceans movies

Can't remember which Oceans movies these are from but they gave me major Derby vibes. Picture Matt sipping betting on “Justify” to take the triple crown while sipping on mint juleps in Millionnaires Row!

I’m an architect Matt Damon // Ford vs. Ferrari

I'm getting “architect with a big ass ranch in West Texas* Damon. Eyewear is a common theme in Damon's movies too. It really elevates his look. But the cowboy hat and tucked shirt also make it.

Pastor Matt Damon // The Informant

It's scary how well he pulls off this I'm the lead pastor of Calvary Baptist Church look. My dad definitely used to rock fits like this in the 90s. Top to bottom.

I voted for Trump Matt Damon // Promised Land and Stillwater

I don't make the rules. That's just the mood here!

ALSO: Here’s an article that GQ just ran where they interviewed Matt and his evolution over the years. ARE WE LOOKING AT THE SAME PERSON?!

Overall, Matt’s style has taken many forms over the years and it's important we acknowledge the good, ugly, and fabulous!

I'll always appreciate his fits from Talented Mr. Ripley though.

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