All things Olympics, the plug on summer sales, and Todd Snyder's latest collabs

Stuff you should know about this weekend.

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Corridor’s Nolita shop

It makes me so happy to see local shops open again. Corridor has one of the most beautiful ones, and they recently had photographer Aaron Bengochea swing by to snap a few shots. Here are a few lovely shots at Corridor’s Nolita location. Please visit if you’re in the area (245 Elizabeth Street).

Reliving Olympics nostalgia

This week, Seasons—the menswear rental company—dropped a curated line of vintage apparel from previous Olympics host cities and it is absolutely lit!

Some styles already sold out, but the curation was insane (the Kodak t-shirt?! C’mon) Here’s the link if you wanna see what’s left.

Gotta love the Soviet Union hockey jersey!

Camp collar… soccer jerseys?

God this is good.

The Art of Football team (based in London) is just so fabulously creative. They took vintage soccer (football) jerseys, redesigned them, and put the designs on camp collar shirts. Check out the collection. I’m copping the Italy one.

Todd Snyder taking us back

If there’s one thing we know about Todd, he loves a good collab. Especially Alden and Timex, two staple brands he teamed up with during his J.Crew days.

Todd just re-introduced partnerships with both.

1/ Alden

For Alden, he made a beautiful pair of two-tone penny loafers. If you’re not privy to it, Alden makes some of the best formal footwear around, which makes sense; they’ve been making shoes in America since 1884.
Buy it here (starting at $580).

2/ Timex

And with Timex, he took inspiration from old military watches that Timex designed for the US Marines during the Vietnam War and made some stylistic updates.

I love Todd’s dedication to research. He puts a ton of work into that side of it and it shows.

Buy it here ($138).

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Summer sales still goin’ 💰

Y’all have a nice weekend ☕ ✌️