Dressing like Steve McQueen

Style lessons from the king of cool. You can't teach an old dog new tricks.

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Finding your fragrance

In partnership with Fulton & Roark*

The guys at Fulton & Roark made an awesome fragrance finder to discover a scent that fits your style. I tried it and went with Blue Ridge, and it smells so damn good! It’s a mix of sandalwood, sage, and amber, and I’ve been using it on all their products (body lotion, deodorant, cologne, etc). Trust me, you gotta try it out!
Price: $20 (but they have a $20 code on the back when you receive it in the mail, so it’s kinda free).

You know I love this guy…

I’m just enamored with his personal taste, and what an enigma he is. From a small-town in the midwest, got into trouble as a kid, essentially an orphan, was involved in a gang and stole things, enlisted in the military and served there for years, moved to LA and had a huge acting career, married 3 different times, a serial smoker (which led to lung cancer and later his death), and the list goes on…

He was as successful as he was troubled.

Maybe that’s the clue. He was a man of the world, someone who lived on the edge, he was complex and tasteful at the same time.

And where clothing is concerned, his swag was effortless, his style, timeless. Find me someone who understands the timelessness of style more than Steve McQueen did.

So today I wanna dip into the past and showcase a few of my favorite things he used to wear (and a modern equivalent of where you might could buy it now). Here we go…

The pearl snap shirt

Not exactly denim, but Wythe does too good a job with their pearl snaps to not get some love. Wythe shirt

French terry polos

C’mon. This screams I’m taking my yacht on the French Riviera. Polo from Todd Snyder.

Cableknit sweater

The fisherman’s staple. So smooth. Sweater from Mr. Porter.

The white tee

Everyone needs a good white tee to beat the hell out of. Shirt from Buck Mason.


McQueen and Persols are pracitcally inseparable. Here’s the modern take from Persol.

The almighty chukkas

This is one of my favorite looks. So effortless, and the remake from Stuarts of London is as close as I could find to what he wore. Chukka’s here.