Good Finds #022: An Arc'teryx jacket, the Drake's crewneck, and the versatility of corduroy.

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A new home in Fall River for Hertling USA

These last 12 months have been difficult for Hertling. The legendary—Brooklyn-based—trouser manufacturer has been through the wringer. Ex-Brioni man, Justin Christensen, has been at the helm for years, trying to get the factory back on its feet.

To keep the factory alive during the pandemic, Justin has been crowd-funding trousers at wholesale prices (half off). Now, he’s making his biggest decision yet: moving the factory from Brooklyn to Massachusetts (Fall River). He’ll be able to save more money on rent and monthly overhead. Personally, I’m pumped about this move. I’ve been lucky to know Justin for a few years and I’m ready to see him have a huge next few years as they get out of this pandemic mess.

They’ve got a few days left with their 50% off on all trousers. Go support American businesses!

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