Good Finds #024: Spring t-shirts, Supreme's latest drop, and a style mood board

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It’s important that you have exposure to the right brands, not more brands.

I’m stoked to kick off a series of content placements with Buck Mason over the next few months, featuring some of their newest products.

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An iconic t-shirt, for everyone

*In partnership with Buck Mason

The first time I bought from Buck Mason was at their Abbott Kinney store in LA. I got a grey, curved-hem t-shirt. It was the best damn shirt I ever spent money on.

Today I own like 20 of them.

With t-shirts, it’s hard to find the balance between quality, fit, and price. Usually, you can pick two options, not all three. The Buck t-shirt was where I felt like I could have all three.

This month they relaunched that iconic t-shirt, fit for every body type this time. I can’t recommend it enough.
Check em’ out here.
Price: $35




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