Good Finds #028: Summer sandals, how to wear indigo, and Rowing Blazers copy-cats

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It’s huarache SZN (no, not that one)

During the warmer months, I live in my sandals. I’ve picked up a bunch of pairs over the years and wanted to share some inspo as you consider summer purchases.

First up, I’ve owned a pair of these huaraches from Nisolo for a w h i l e. They’ve gone everywhere with me… Turkey, Puerto Rico, Lebanon, and I’ve proudly beaten the living hell out of them.

They also pair well with anything… a linen suit, shorts + t-shirt, jeans, you name it. Highly recommend grabbing a pair for summer.
Price: $150

Next, these suede loafers from Solovière are unbelievably buttery and smooth. They’re great as a casual option, no doubt, but I’d personally rock them if I was a bit more dressed up—at a wedding or wearing white jeans (yes, you need a pair of those too).
Price: $273

Annnd the Huckberry huarache. This one looks dope, and while I haven’t owned it, I trust Huckberry’s brand equity and attention to detail. Can’t go wrong with these.
Price: $135

A fresh take on blue hues and Indigos

*In partnership with Buck Mason

A style tip I’ve picked up over the years is learning to use tonality to build an outfit as the seasons change. First, you choose a base color for the season, and then you craft an outfit around it, layering in different shades of that same color.

Buck Mason dropped just that, a tonal collection made up of blue hues and Indigo dies. It’s soft, breezy, and cool, and it makes for a phenomenal transition from spring to summer.

Check out the collection here.

What I dig

Weekend reading

How do we feel about cropped trousers?

This is a nod to skate style. It’s an iteration on baggy pants skaters have been notorious for wearing, except these gradually taper at the ankle. I’ve seen a few brands this week roll out their own versions, specifically Craftsman and Drôle de Monsieur, so I wanted to share. I actually owned a few pairs of low-rise trousers over the years, but nothing this loose. I kind of dig them.

How do we feel about these?

Brooks Brothers rips off Rowing Blazers

This is an obvious head-scratcher.

Anyone who keeps up with what Jack Carlson is doing at RB knows that he’s helped revive prep. He’s made it rebelliously, unashamedly cool. And less snobby too. So it’s a bummer when you see a legacy brand like Brooks copy their work this bad. At least offer to partner with Rowing Blazers, maybe it would help save the brand!

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