Good Finds #031: Camp collar shirts, Todd Snyder's East Hampton shop, and Knickerbocker x Kodak team up

Stuff you should know about this week.

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All-weather summer gear

Super hyped about the outdoor fits that Olivers is bringing out this summer! They did an editorial feature on pro volleyball player Jeremy Casebeer who showed off their versatility on the beach. Whether you’re biking, sipping beer while playing cornhole… or playing beach volleyball, this stuff is lightweight and really made for all types of summer weather.

Here’s the shirt + shorts. Give these a go!

For the love of camp collar shirts

It’s camp collar SZN baby!!!

Alright we got a question posed in the Faculty Lounge this week about where to buy camp shirts this summer. Feels like every brand is putting their own spin on this, and there are plenty of great options to choose from, so I’m gonna get funky with it!

Here are 6 wacky shirts to scoop up this summer…

  1. Portuguese Flannel - $128

  2. Bather - $140

  3. Knickerbocker - $135

  4. Corridor - $225

  5. KPC - $175

  6. Gitman Vintage - $230

Click this

Brick & Mortar is baaack

Man, I’m just so happy to see (good) retail slowly blooming after a while of being shut down. Couple of good ones got back into the game recently…

First up, our guy Todd Snyder (who recently re-outfitted the old Liquor Store in Tribeca—his creation from J.Crew dayz) opened a shop in East Hampton.

And then we got Rowing Blazers, who finally did a pop-up (this weekend only) after closing their Grand Street location during the pandemic. This one’s on Rivington Street (lower east side in Manhattan), and it looks fabulous (per usual).

I’ll post more about what’s opening up this summer and share it here, these are just top of mind.

Stuff I dig

  • Blackstock & Weber’s FIRE new loafers, only available this weekend at KITH Soho. Chris just keeps killing it with the partnerships. We’ve yet to see his best…

  • A simple, classic swim trunk collection from Bather. Feel like having colorful trunks on hand is a must. Bather (and Birdwell) are great options if you go that route.

  • These phenomenal striped tees from Katin USA. Love how weathered and relaxed these tees feel. Bout to grab a few for summer in LA.

  • More. Vintage. Carhartt (Ametora finally restocked). You’re welcome :)

And this

A few other things

  • Streetwear redeemed luxury; now it’s after mass-market // This is a great read on the influence of people like Kanye, Jerry Lorenzo, Teddy Santis, Brendon Babenzien, and other independent designers have had (and are having) on menswear / fashion, and how mainstream fashion wants their creativity to save them.

  • Knickerbocker and Kodak are doing a collab // They’re doing a competition called Summer in the City, where you make memories on film around the city, then submit it to them and both groups decide on their favorite photos. Love this!

  • Madhappy x Space Jam // This is kinda dope. Thought Madhappy did a nice job rolling this collab out, and they even got LeBron out here rocking the collection during PLAYOFFS. Respect to Peiman and his team executing this one!


If you’re interested in Spring sales, both SSENSE and John Elliot are getting rid of stuff, so see what you can get before it’s gone!
A bunch of us in Faculty Lounge have already been buying stuff up.

Hope you had a nice weekend ☕️