Good Finds #032: Renting sneakers, A NYC getaway, and vintage safai shirts

Stuff you should know about this weekend.

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A uniform for the old man

In partnership with Buck Mason*

I feel like we obsess over getting “techy” gifts for dads during Father’s Day. A new TV, gadget, remote this, remote that. How about we shift the narrative with that and buy Pops something he can *actually* wear. Buck’s got a well-curated collection of summer items. If you’re unsure how to style him, start simple. Can’t go wrong with a white oxford and light-wash denim.

Check em’ out here.

Price: shirt ($75), denim ($145)

My road trip out west

Many of y’all know I’ve been on the road this week. Left Texas for California, making pitstops in Santa Fe, Sedona, Grand Canyon, and Palm Springs before landing in LA. It’s been a fantastic trip, and a breath of fresh air after being at home for the last 12 months.

I’ll be creating a travel guide on how to road-trip out west after this one is complete, just wanted to share some highlights from the drive so far…

Now you can rent… sneakers?

Say hello to KYX, a new (and only?) sneaker rental company. They curate the best sneakers and let you rent them every month. You can wear your kicks as little or as much as you want, and either return them or swap with other pairs. This is great for two types of people:

  • Sneaker enthusiasts who never seem to win a raffle but want a pair.

  • Someone like me, who doesn’t collect sneakers but would occasionally wear them at special events, parties, meetings, etc.

Side note- I’m HYPED for this. Wanna give a shoutout to my homie Leland Grossman who’s been quietly helping build the marketing at KYX for a while. He and his team have put in an incredible amount of work to make this happen. Major props.

I think they're gonna crush it. Check out KYX.


The NYC getaway at TOURISTS Welcome

Been dying to visit TOURISTS Welcome for years and haven’t made it up there yet. It’s a beautiful lodge & hotel outside New York City (3 hours), tucked away in North Adams, Massachusetts.

My buddy Mark recently stayed there and I wanted him to share a few tips from his visit:

The hotel itself is inspired by Classic Americana, reminiscent of roadside motor lodges, but with more modern accents. Off the cuff, it gives me Japanese-inspired takes, which could be the case as its interior designer, Julie Pearson, stocks the shop with Kapital hats, bags, sweaters, and tees. Ty Hatfield, the executive chef at TOURISTS, continues the story by taking his experience from Momofuku noodle bar into its kitchen using ingredients such as ponzu and bonito in a family-style supper.

Here are some photos he snapped that weekend… looks incredibly dope.


Stuff I dig


Hope you had a nice weekend ☕️