Good Finds #30: How to wear white jeans, a custom Porsche, and a few other things

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Two quick notes

1/ This is my 30th Good Finds email.

It’s a small milestone, but I just wanna say it’s been fun watching this newsletter evolve into a strong community since writing last Fall. Thank you for following along, supporting, giving good feedback encouraging me, paying for the content, telling your friends about it. Means a lot that you believe in what I’m doing! Onward!

2/ The Faculty Lounge is POPPIN’! If you got an email this week saying “Welcome to the Faculty Lounge”, there’s an invite inside.

If you’ve requested access but haven’t joined yet, please accept the invite I sent and join the club :)

The carry-on suit jacket

I’ve been pumped for Buck to release this piece all spring! It’s a really solid summer blazer for any terrain. A couple of details that make it great: it’s unlined, which makes it breathable, it’s unstructured, so it easily molds to your body shape, and it’s made for mobility.
These types of blazers work great as a dinner jacket too, wearing on a flight, or headed to a backyard BBQ.
Check em’ out here.
Price: $150

A bit about white jeans…

So this week I snagged a pair of white jeans from Levis Made & Crafted, and I can’t believe I waited this long to replace my old pair. Here’s what they look like (didn’t even take them to the tailor):

White jeans are just so damn versatile.

The thing about white jeans is that the fit’s gotta be right. You can’t be wearing baggy untapered denim, especially in the summer. There’s a level of respect that comes with wearing white jeans.

Here’s some inspiration of how the great Steve McQueen did it.

And the king of sprezzatura, the great (very Italian) Alessandro Squarzi

You can wear em’ up or down, dressy or casual. Preferably without socks. To a wedding or to a BBQ (just don’t spill), or on the beach at sunset. If you wanna grab a pair, here are a few you should check out:

  1. Stag - $100

  2. Todd Snyder - $84

  3. Levi’s Made & Crafted - $188 (fyi - these are the ones I bought, and they’re fantastic. Didn’t even have to get them tapered!)

Take them to a tailor if they need altering, you’ll be happy you did.

Aimé Leon Dore’s custom Porsche

This thing is just sexy.

They released the video campaign this week. Teddy (the founder) and the ALD team worked quietly with Porsche to fully restore this 911 Super Carrera from 1978. The outside is olive green, and the interior is completely custom, with full-grain cowhide leathers, bouclé fabric, vintage Persian rugs as floor mats, buffalo bull suede, and even wooden beads on the seats. The works. It’s been on display this weekend outside their shop in Soho.

Check out the video they filmed for it. Pretty dope.

Stuff I dig

The Stephen Kenn couch strikes again

I’ve written about furniture designer Stephen Kenn a few times before, and how much I admire his work as a craftsman. Well, he recently teamed up with the good folks at 3Sixteen to outfit their new shop in Nolita (NYC) with one of his signature couches. They used Horween (a legendary tannery in Chicago) for the leather and it looks FRESH.

Check out the full video interview. Stephen talks a lot about why this type of leather is perfect for aging since it absorbs every stain, scratch, bump, etc. (in a good way!).

It looks dope! If you’re in NYC, check out the 3Sixteen shop and LMK what you think!

Hope you had a nice weekend ☕️

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