Having a Uniform Like Wes Anderson

A bit about Wes Anderson, his style, and how his style is a reflection of his movies.

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Great film directors have distinct filming styles.

It’s a visual signature, something you can immediately recognize. Christopher Nolan and Quentin Tarantino are great examples of this.

And then there’s Wes Anderson.

What I love most about him is that his personal style drives much of the look & feel you get from his films. Sure, the cinematography and color palettes have a distinct flavor, but his costuming is unique. His well-known cast members (Wilson brothers, to Bill Murray and Adrien Brody) are really a reflection of Anderson’s personal style, taste, and mannerisms.

Let’s get one thing straight—you can’t talk about Anderson’s personal style without acknowledging his uniform: the corduroy suit.

Some context.

Corduroy dates back to ancient Egypt, and was popularized across Europe over the last few centuries. It’s long been known as a versatile fabric, advertised as what you wear when you “do shit.”

Working in the factory, hunting, you name it...

That’s what Wes uses his corduroy for. It’s his daily uniform, whether he’s on-set, at events or parties, traveling, or being photographed.

Let’s take a look at his style evolution over the years, his color palettes in his most famous movies, and some of our favorite fits from his characters.

Yung Wes…

Even as a young, budding director, Wes always had his go-to’s. Some staples worth noting: clear eyeglasses, lots of blue/navy, short hair, and New Balance kicks.

Also, The North Face puffer was ahead of its time.



Wes Anderson and corduroy might as will be synonyms. He’s got all sorts of color tones up his sleeve.

Layering + Tweed

A few ways he layers, and what he’s wearing when he’s not wearing corduroy (tweed).

The Wallabees

Another staple: Clarks Wallabees. He rocks these caramel brown ones on the regular. I saw a pair of the low-tops on SSENSE once, but they sold out after Black Friday.


The “Wes Anderson” Color Palette

There’s a clear color story in each of his films, and again, they’re a reflection of his own style and tastes.

Take a look at some of his iconic stills and their color tones.

Iconic looks.

And finally, here are some of my favorite fits Anderson’s films over the years. You can see the consistency across decades of work.

He somehow creates different worlds that follow a common thread: his personal style.

Brands that make good corduroy you should check out: