In praise of the Navy Blazer, Russian hats, and the history of Hawaiian shirts

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All hail: The Navy Blazer

I’m a believer in essentials.

Essentials are the foundation to any great wardrobe; having your own lets you run wild here and there. One essential worth keeping in your wardrobe is the navy blazer. As the legendary Sid Mashburn puts it, the blazer is every man’s jacket.

Wearing a blazer can be the difference between:

  • Sitting in coach or getting an upgrade while flying.

  • Getting turned away or getting into an exclusive club.

  • A colossal rejection or scoring a hot date.

The navy blazer transcends all settings and circumstances. Dress it up or down, doesn’t matter.

Here’s a fun clip of Sid talking about the importance of the navy blazer in a guy’s wardrobe. Worth watching!

P.S. if you’re looking for your first navy blazer, Sid makes a fantastic one. Here’s their breakdown on fit and fabric. Alas, let the master tailor take it from here.

Soap that can handle even Burt Reynolds chest hair

It’s true. Their soap is both form and function. It lasts longer (6 weeks or more for most guys), provides gentle exfoliation for daily use, and works on even the hairiest of dudes— like Burt Reynolds.

They’ve got seven fine fragrances to choose from- grab ‘em here!

It’s been a few weeks…

Since Tyler, the Creator’s latest album, CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST, dropped and I’m still thinking about the way he pulls off wearing an Ushanka (Russian) hat in mid-summer so damn well.

BUT let it be known who did it first, though. Credit to those who have gone before, such as…

Clutch Café coming in… clutch

Clutch Café—the menswear brand based in London—consistently brings the heat. Had to highlight a few of their recent gems in recent weeks.

First off, they wrote a very dope primer on the history of Hawaiian shirts (how cool is that?) in honor of releasing their own collection of them this summer. You’ve gotta give this a read.

THEN, they dropped a pair of camp moccasins by Yuketen, a fantastic footwear brand employing artisans who handmake shoes in Maine! Check ‘em out.

Finally, they nearly perfected the pearl snap. What I love about the design on this one is it’s effortless, like something you’d find vintage shopping, except it’s brand new. Big time impressed. If you’re interested, give it a look.

Other random stuff

Like thisthisand this.

Hope you’re having a nice week ✌️