Introducing... Faculty Lounge

A place for the Sprezza family to gather. "Now accepting new members."

What’s up family!

So I’m launching a private group called Faculty Lounge, a place where the Sprezza family can gather and hang online.

I've met so many damn cool people who subscribe to this newsletter, and I want y'all to meet each other too. There are so many of you who have common interests (+who live in the same city too!), so I want to make those connections.

Some ways to use the group chat:
Post daily fit pics
- Share travel tips
- Show us what you're drinking
- Beta test new products from brands in my circle
- Talk about brands and products you're into (or hate) right now
- Tell us how you feelin'
- Announce when the first Sprezza city events are happening- I promise they’ll be sick! 👀
- Anything else you wanna add or talk about…

I'm only allowing a handful of y'all in at a time so we can grow this thing organically. We don’t need another place to hang out online unless it adds value…

Wanna join? Here’s what you need:

  1. You need to have been a subscriber for at least one month.

  2. You need to have a 60% open rate on all Sprezza emails.

  3. Reply to this email asking to join.

That’s all. Can’t wait to hang with y’all in the Faculty Lounge!

<3 Clayton