Messi's greatest look, Fall outerwear, and a great week for sneaker drops

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Messi finally parts ways with Barça ⚽️

Yeah. This is gonna take some getting used to.

We certainly saw it coming. FC Barçelona is a poorly run club in financial shambles, and it isn’t surprising how the deal fell apart at the 11th hour. Oh well. But man, if Paris Saint Germain don’t win the Champions League this year after their summer shopping spree this summer, they never will.

Anyway. On to more important topics. Here’s a roundup of my favorite outfits from Messi in Thom Browne over the years…

Shit you can’t have (sorry, we’re sold out) ❌

  • This bespoke jacket from KPC (her work is seriously incredible, but she only designs one-offs—for now).

  • These British naval pants from Rag Parade Vintage in the UK. They just restocked, so you might be able to scoop up a pair in your size. Only way to get ‘em is via DM.

  • The Fragment Jordan 1 lows by Travis Scott. I don’t mean to be pessimistic here… but you know how it goes.

  • These LV clogs are just f*cking rad, so I had to repost from Muleboyz.

Kicks I’m wearing this week 👟

First up, this week I’m renting the Nike Sacai x Vapor Waffles. If you’re new here, I’ve been testing out KYX, a sneaker rental startup. If you’re like me and you wanna try before you buy, or you just want shoes for specific occasions like a wedding or a party, this is a great option. They also clean + sanitizing all sneakers to perfection you wear them. Give KYX a try and let me know what you think. You can this code to get 30% off your first month (SPREZZA30). Cancel anytime.

What’s droppin’ ⏳

Today //
No Maintenace re-upped on a ton of lovely Russell Athletic sweatshirts.

Tomorrow //
A ton of sneaker releases. I won’t even front, HYPEBEAST already organized this drop list in a nice way, so check out what’s going on.

Today //
If you’re in Manhattan, Leisure Centre restocked on a bunch of great vintage tees (48 Hester Street).

Soon-ish //
This unebleievably chic winter coat from Fortela (hits online soon, they didn’t share a date—so keep an eye out).

Stuff I dig ✅

Some weekend reading 📚

If you’re the book collecting type, I recently picked up 2nd Magazine’s latest issue on vintage.

Can I read Japanese? Absolutely not.

Can I still peruse the pages for inspo? Defintely!

Clutch Café sells all their copies too if you’re interested in buying previous issues.

Parting thought

Whatever you do, don’t be like these bozos. That’s all.

Happy mid-week to you ☕️ ✌️