Praying that 90's fashion returns

In a post-pandemic world, here's what's on my style wishlist.

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Breathable workout shirts for all seasons

In partnership with Olivers*

Men’s workout clothing sucks. We’re usually stuck between two vibes, the:
1. “I still wear my smelly, tattered gym shirt from high school”
2. “Look! I’ve got a GIANT logo on my chest from Tangier Outlets…”
…When sometimes, you just want to blend in, feel casual, look fresh.

The guys over at Olivers make a dope outdoor shirt for that. It’s 100% merino fabric, which means it’s breathable AF for you to sweat in, and presentable enough to go out-and-about, so you don’t look like you just came from the gym.
Check em’ out here.
Price: $78

I’ve been thinking…

about the idea of restriction lately (haven’t we all), and how we often swing to the opposite end of a spectrum when we feel restricted.

When you can’t have something, you want the thing you can’t have.

That’s true of clothing right now. After living in sweats for a full year, WE JUST WANT TO FEEL HUMAN AGAIN.

And rightly so, especially in menswear. We’re due for another shift any day now. In the last 15 years, we’ve gone from rugged Americana —> #Menswear era —> streetwear —> athleisure… to more athleisure.

Things need to get funky again when we can all wear real stuff for once. We need it to offset our cravings for something different. I’m manifesting it.

So, as nature begins to heal, here’s my prayer: Bring the 90s back. Please, God.

If you were of age in the 90s (or were even coming of age), you know the vibes.

For everyone else, let’s hop in a time machine and see what fits are worth reviving from that era…

The spread collar

Yung Leonardo DiCaprio epitomized this look. The way these shirts drape is just phenomenal. Idk if they’re actually silk or not, but they look it, so just pretend.

I also love how they fit loose on purpose. Here’s Mick Jagger and David Bowie doing their thing… add it to the wardrobe!


This one is perhaps my favorite of the lot. More on this topic later, but for now it’s incredible to see just how effortlessly they pulled this off. Who would have thought a tucked-in shirt could work?


A few variations to show here, but whatever was going on with this 3-button jacket situation should absolutely come back, whether it’s leather (or pleather, whatever).

Brad’s weathered moto jacket is dope too.

The Men’s Warehouse fit

I’m on the fence about this one, but I respect how much distance it covered. People REALLY knew how to make it work, which baffles me, but I’m down to give it another shot!

The director’s hat

This one did no wrong in the 90s. Artists like Run-DMC were known for rocking these, and so was Samuel L Jackson, who still wears them to this day. Whether it’s the beret or the bucket hat, I’m down to welcome either one back.

What style(s) are you praying will get revived? Hit the comments and LMK!

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