Sprezza takes over London, Gorpcore keeps booming, and a few books you should buy this holiday

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📸 What does London street style look like
🥾 Gorpcore just keeps on going
📚 Two very dope menswear books you need
💡 4 items we’re thinking about

Sprezza takes over London 🇬🇧

It’s been one hell of a week for me.

I spent the last week in the United Kingdom and just got home Wednesday. What a trip. I was fortunate enough to go for Sprezza and create some content, meet with brands, research what’s happening in the retail scene, and even host our first-ever private dinner for Friends of Sprezza. We’ll do more of these events in the future when I make it to other cities. Here was the crew I invited!

I couldn’t imagine this is where I’d be this time last year, so I’m super grateful! Working on a few England guides for you right now (where to shop for menswear in London, etc), and in the meantime, I want to share some of the street style I captured over there.

The Gorpcore just keeps on giving

1/ Aimé Leon Dore’s big flex

ALD is the latest brand to dive in and embrace the Gorpcore fever. The last few years have already been insane for Gorpcore (which has effectively been attire worn by middle-aged dads from the Pacific Northwest over the years).

But the difference with this type of Gorpcore is that it’s meant to be worn as a flex, not a function.

It’s ironic at its core. You won’t be catching these Nolita dudes in the photo above on the Metro-North train headed Upstate for a weekend of hiking and camping. And that’s okay.

2/ Luxury dips its toes in Gorp

Another huge collab that dropped this week was Arc’teryx’s partnership with designer, Jil Sander. JS is one of the more well-respected luxury design houses right now, and Arc’teryx is easily one of the hottest brands in the game at the moment. Period. So this partnership made a ton of sense. It brought a strong blend of authenticity, scarcity, design partnership, and novelty, which are all important ingredients to me if you want to execute on a partnership.

3/ Hiking boot SZN

Another manifestation of Gorpcore’s influence is via hiking boots. Between Jjjjound announcing a drop with Danner Boots, Corridor NYC making their own pair, Season Three’s super light hiking boot, Moncler x HOKA collab, ALD’s New Balance shoes, and Reese Cooper’s new arrivals, boots are poppin’ right now!


Holiday reading

Two reads you ought to have your nose in right now…

1/ L’etiquette Magazine is at it again. They just dropped issue #7 and it’s available for int’l shipping here. Everything the l’etiquette team puts out just bangs. It’s worth your money. Scoop it up.

2/ Black Ivy: A Revolt in Style is one of the books I’ve been anticipating the most this year. It dives into the history of black style and how they repurposed elite, waspy ivy style for themselves in a strategic way. Anything Jason Jules puts out creatively is also worth your money. Book drops December 7.

Grab it at your local bookstore.

Bonfire attire

Look, there's no need to overcomplicate some pieces. If you need a classic shirt that's been pre-washed to give that soft, worn-in texture, while also made to look like you're ready for a weekend in the mountains, this is the piece. Grab em’ here ($125).

What else we’re noodling on 🍝