Stüssy and Birkenstock team up, some Ivy League things, and Jonah Hill is a wild man

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A few books worth grabbing 📚

First up, Black Ivy. Let me say I’m hyped on this one! James Jules is a menswear OG and such a creative mind, so I’ll happily support anything he puts out. The book unpacks how black men took on the style of privileged folks and made it their own, and how those styles continue to influence modern menswear.
Preorder Black Ivy here.

Shifting gears a bit, WM Brown is dropping another cocktail book (the first one covered Negronis), and this time he covers Martinis! WMB is a great storyteller, so if you’re interested in learning more about drink-making of classic cocktails, give this one a read.
I can’t find the preorder link, so look out for the release around September 28!

You’ll love this story ❤️

My good friend Leland—a fellow Sprezza family member—recently posted about this new jacket he bought. It’s a custom-made piece by this designer who goes by Small Talk Studio. It’s a beautiful story, so you know I had to share:

“It’s hard to fully describe how much this jacket means to me. A few months back I sent Nick a list of meaningful moments from my life and he took this shit to another stratosphere. My grandma’s names hand-stitched on the collar, I mean c’mon pal! The thoughtfulness put into these illustrations is remarkable.”

We need more designers making dope shit like this!

Check out Small Talk Studio’s work. Maybe you can get on the waitlist :)

Pet Rock NFT Sells for $600K…

Yup, you read that right. When a .jpeg goes for SIX HUNDRED THOUSAND big ones, you know the art world is exploding like never before.

But, digital art is still small potatoes compared to the $6 trillion physical art market. That’s over 3x the market capitalization of every crypto coin COMBINED. 

The art investing startup at the center of it all lets you diversify your portfolio with real legends like Basquait or Banksy—NOT digital rocks. And you don’t need to be a millionaire to buy-in either.

Wanna give it a try? Hit the link; Sprezza subscribers get priority access.

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A little history 🌎

What’s droppin’ 👀

Cop or drop? 💧

Seeing some interesting (and fantastic) pieces float around the internet right now so I wanted to share here and see if you’d cop or drop. What do we think?

  1. The bubble pants from LEEKWOOD, an underground designer

  2. Ralph Lauren rugby shirts with HAND WARMER pockets

  3. This mohair lumberjack shirt looks cozy AF

  4. These Jil Sander x Birkenstocks that remind me of OG Sanuk shoes

Random links

Chinatown Market is now called MA®KET. The case for bringing back cargo pants. An OG from Hodinkee branches off to launch a watch brand for… kids. A Continuous Lean made his own coffee roast. 11 things Sid Mashburn can’t live without. And good things take time.

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