Style tips from Seinfeld, tie-dye shirts, + the best (and worst) from this year's NBA Draft

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The Ripley shirt

If you’ve ever watched Seinfeld, you know that Kramer OBVIOUSLY has the best taste, particularly because he appears to be stuck in the 1950s. And that’s not a bad thing.

One of the more iconic fits Kramer rocks in Seinfeld is the Ripley shirt, a summer staple in American menswear.

Few modern brands iterate on this timeless piece, but luckily we’ve got dudes like Scott Fraser Simpson (based in the UK) whose entire aesthetic is centered around mid-century menswear. He’s perfected the Ripley shirt at this point (see below).

I love Scott’s work and the way he draws inspiration from the 50s and 60s to inform his own collections. Hoping to have him as a guest on the newsletter this year!

Investing in… fine art

Good art never goes out of style. Especially rare art.

Sadly, I don’t have $20 million lying around to cop a Basquiat painting. And I don’t need to, thanks to Masterworks. They let you invest in rare, exclusive art the way you’d invest in stocks. And turns out, it’s not a bad investment either. Contemporary art has outperformed the S&P 500 returns by 174% from 1995 — 2020.

Add Basquiat to your portfolio; skip the waitlist here.

Tie-dying your oxford

My boy Duquette (owner of Club Duquette, a fantastic menswear store in Birmingham Alabama) is a tie-dye connoisseur.

He’s been dying clothes for years, and a while back had the genius idea of repurposing a bunch of Taylor Stitch oxford shirts and dying them in an indigo wash. This is such a dope idea, and they look badass.

He’s taking preorders right now (but he’s only made a small batch) so grab ‘em while you can here!

SIDE NOTE— he also brought back his famous “tennis” tees again, if you want something more casual.

Blazers > Dunks?

I came across a pair of these SB Fly Milk Blazers the other day and I think I’m in love.

Haven’t seen Blazers look this good since Virgil’s Nike x Off-White high top. The resell on these ain’t cheap though… only a cool $1250 (USED) on Grailed.

Parting thoughts…

Style evolution at the NBA Draft (and a few rules!)

It’s fun to watch how style changes over the years, especially in the NBA. This is one of my favorite topics to explore, which I wrote about here:

Fashion's Growing Connection Between Basketball & Soccer
The 2003 NBA Draft Let’s take it back to 2003. Arguably one of the finest classes to be drafted in the league’s history. …Also one of the most wack sartorial showings we’ve ever witnessed. Personally, this photo is forever engraved in my memory. First thing I wanna say is that, I’m sorry. LeBron, DWade, Carmelo, you got…
Read more

It’s wild to think there was a time when we watched players rock fits like this…

…To the other end of the spectrum, where we got guys dressing like this…

(btw I thought this was a fabulous look by Jalen Green; well done!)

It’s all in the trends.

And while I prefer my clothes to fit rather than to drape, neither option is inherently “wrong.” Both can work, and the shift from loose to form-fitting will always fluctuate. Having said that, there need to be some basic ground rules for the up-and-comers.

Here’s where I stand on the matter of this year’s Draft fits.


Rule #1: Keep the shoulders soft!

Rule #2: Find a happy medium between your trousers fitting comfortably, while also draping effortlessly.


Rule #1: Don’t wear pants this tight. Loosen up Scottie!

Rule #2: No “spikey” shoes allowed. You’re not a horned frog!

Rule #3: If you’re rocking glitter to stand out, you’re doing it wrong!

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