The 72 hours in NYC Guide, ALD's vintage collection, and a few other things.

Stuff for you to chew on this weekend.

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The 72-hour guide: New York

I’m getting some requests in the Faculty Lounge to share more food + drink content here, so I thought the easiest place to start is to share some weekend tips for my favorite spots in The City.

If you need help eating + drinking your way through NY, read on!


Pasquale Jones // Nolita
A fantastic little joint serving up thin-crust pizzas in a brick oven. The inside is cozy and the outside is lovely for people-watching with a drink (or two) in hand.
The Fly // Bed Stuy
Run by the same owners at Cervo’s and Hart’s, The Fly is a neighborhood staple serving up rotisserie chickens and natural wine all night. The bar is beautiful and the staff know what they’re doing; trust them.


PDT (Please Don’t Tell) // East Village
Easily one of the best cocktails in NYC. Listen carefully, though: the only way you get inside is by walking into Crif Dogs ( a hotdog joint) next door, make a left, and step inside the phone booth. You pick up the phone and someone will meet you at the door. Go earlier in the evening if you have a group and want to get seated; can be a long wait sometimes.
June Wine Bar // Cobble Hill, Brooklyn
One of my favorite natural wine bars. It’s off Court street in beautiful quiet Brooklyn, and the wine selection is top tier. Highly recommend staying for dinner!


Maman // Nolita
A fantastic little French bakery and café in Nolita. See if you can’t swing by and grab one of their phenomenal chocolate chip cookies and sit out on the back patio
Sweatshop // Williamsburg
A hole in the wall off Metropolitan Ave, Sweatshop is an OG Aussie coffee shop. Order a sparkie and the breakfast sandwich. The staff are super friendly too!

Stuff I dig right now

  1. Yellow Rat beach trunks from Daydream Surf Shop

  2. A gentle neon oxford shirt from Sid Mashburn

  3. A light-weight chore coat from A Day’s March

  4. Imogene + Willie’s first trucker hat (currently sold out, restocking)

Not your *typical* stretchy pants

It’s got the classic 5 pocket fit, durable like a good pair of blue jeans, insane stretch, and more comfortable than your favorite sweatpants. Personally, I use pairs like this for long flights so I can look like a human and without sacrificing comfort.

Check ‘em out here.
Price: $148

Weekend reading

Picked up a few books this week and wanted to share.

In particular, James Baldwin has become one of my favorite writers over the last year, and his work, Nothing Personal—anecdotes and observations about race, culture, consumerism, and police brutality—is SPOT ON. He was waaay ahead of his time.

Highly encourage you to pick up a copy at your local book shop, or wherever you can find it.

A few other things

A different kind of ALD drop

Over the years ALD has built up a strong archive around their products, you can see the influence of that in their new drops every season. This week they did something different—they put it all up for sale. A lot of the clothing sold out quick, but there’s still a few products that are available.

Here are a few of my personal faves… Check out the rest here.

YZY x Gap

Ye is finally giving us glimpses of what he’s been cookin’ for The Gap. This black jacket—giving me trash bag vibes—is the second of two pieces he’s dropped for pre-order already (the first one looked the same, just in cobalt blue).

Fascinating to watch the more dialed-in, culturally relevant designers takeover large brands and see what magic they can spin up. So far we’ve got:

Pyer Moss —> Reebok
Jerry Lorenzo (FOG) —> Adidas
Brendon Babenzien (Noah) —> J.Crew
Teddy Santis (ALD) —> New Balance made in USA

Have a lovely weekend ☕️ ✌️