The best of street style this summer

Rounding up Europe's best-dressed folks at Pitti Uomo, Italy's famous menswear event.

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A quick primer…

Today I am missing Europe. Badly.

Back in the summer of 2016 (in my early menswear days as a “blogger”) I was lucky to travel around Europe for all the men’s fashion shows. I made a required pit-stop (in-between my Paris and Milan stops) to Florence, Italy where I got to witness the great menswear event known as Pitti Uomo, inside the Fortezza da Basso (a famous fortress just outside the main city streets).

If you’ve ever been to Florence, you know what a wildly beautiful city it is. Summer nights there is something everyone should experience.

Anyway, Pitti is a fantastic, 100y/o trade show for the menswear industry.

Shop owners, tailors, buyers from large retailers, and vintage collectors ascend on the ancient city for a few days to buy fabrics, new collections, rare finds, and to party. Hard. The last bit is especially easy since there’s booze aplenty and some of the best Italian cuisine you can ask for.

After a year-long hiatus where Pitti was unable to hold events, they’re back! Their summer show took place last week, and it made me giddy seeing everyone together again. One thing to know about Pitti is that it’s made up of a rock-solid community.

That’s what makes it great.

So, I dug up an old photo from that visit to Florence. I was standing outside the Fortezza when GQ’s photographer (legendary Dan Roberts) snapped a shot of me and all my homies (I’m on the far right).

Still one of my favorite photos of all time.

Good times.

The best street style at Pitti this summer

I was browsing some of the street styles at this summer’s event, and I have to say it’s a bit weaker than usual. Regardless, here’s a roundup of some of my favorite outfits from last week.


You can expect me at Pitti in January next year where I’ll be creating my own content for y’all. I promise it’s gonna be good, so watch this space :)

Photos c/o Getty Images