The thing about clothing and rules.

Is that there are no rules. Wear what makes you happy.

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Let me tell you about…

the first time I wore red pants and a camo tie.

(read to the end for the fit reveal).

It’s winter 2013 in New York City. I was a bright-eyed (verrry naive) college kid. I had a menswear blog on WordPress in the prime of the #Menswear era (IYKYK). During this time, everything you wore was supposed to be extra and peacocky. It was all on purpose.

These are the vibes

So I went to Lincoln Center on 66th street where they used to host Mercedes Fashion Week, back when they mainly covered women’s designers.

I wanted to be photographed by Scott from the Sartorialist or GQ or Street Etiquette. Perfect. I wore a pair of blood-red Levi’s chinos with a double-breasted suit, a camo tie, and a BRIEFCASE WITH NOTHING IN IT. I also brought a friend who was a photographer just in case no one wanted to photograph me. We arrived outside the grounds and I’d walk up to photographers and strike up a conversation, trying to look nonchalant and effortless.

And you know what?

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