The Weekend Review // 008

What happened in menswear this week.

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We didn’t write a post this Tuesday. It’s been an important week in American politics, and we didn’t want to add to the noise. Hang tight, we got loads of great content coming your way when we resume next week. We’ll cover everything from Todd Snyder and HODINKEE, to The European Aimé Leon Dore—and more.

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Digging a little deeper…

Comeback SZN for the penny loafer.

There’s a new cool kid on the block. Blackstock & Weber came out with a bang in their latest release, and boy do they look here to stay. Here’s a great summary on the brand’s history, and how they’re bringing back the penny loafer. While you’re at it, give these boys a follow on Instagram!

Where is menswear headed?

2020 has been a shit show for everyone. Having to develop an online strategy overnight has proven to be especially difficult for menswear brands. Having seen businesses shutter (Barneys), go bankrupt (Brooks Brothers & J.Crew), get acquired, and everything in between, execs from Brunello Cucinelli, Nordstrom, and Isaia speak about where things go from here amidst uncertainty in the market.