The Weekend Review // 010

What happened in menswear this week.

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This week we unpacked why Gucci is the hottest luxury brand on the market for Gen Z and Millennials. What impresses me most is their creative director. Frankly, he just tries shit (and has a really great eye too—that helps). But it’s also the leadership.

You can’t emphasize enough how important it is to have people in charge who actually understand the demographic and audience they’re selling to. It’s why Gucci is winning. Give it a read.

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Digging a little deeper…

Is Madhappy the new Supreme?

We’re already looking for the new Supreme out here, which is hard to do, because they’re an anomaly. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t brands who emulate elements of Supreme’s success. This is a great breakdown by the man, Jerry Lu, where he looks at how Madhappy is leveraging community, experiences, and content in a way that’s captured Gen Z. Worth the read.

Mickey Drexler's son opens up about building his own brand.

Alex, his son, has been quietly building his own brand for years, called Alex Mill. A lot of folks likened them to a more upscale version of what J.Crew wanted to be for Brooklynites, except AM actually won over those boujee Williamsburg dwellers.

The article is paywalled, so here’s the lowdown: In a recent reflection piece, Alex, his dad (Mickey), and their lead designer, Somsack Sikhounmuong (formerly of J.Crew) opened up on the thrills and challenges of building a brand, and they laid important things to consider when building a brand.

Here are the bets they’re making:

  • Smart physical retail is key.

  • Be thoughtful with wholesale relationships.

  • Go the extra mile with great email campaigns.

  • Slow, meaningful growth is better than fast, expensive growth.