The Weekend Review // 013

What happened in the culture this week.

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This week was STAAACKED. From Virgil’s latest Louis Vuitton collection, to the Presidential Inauguration… it was one for the history books.

Here we go 👇🏻


Digging a little deeper…

The World of Vintage Football Kits.

So a while back I started following random football (soccer) accounts on IG that would post throwback photos like these ones. Then the algorithm started serving me outrageously cool vintage football accounts where people collect and sell old kits. Classic Football Shirts in the UK is the one everybody knows. But it turns out, reselling kits is decent business, and there are plenty of other lesser known, but dope ones to follow. I could collect jerseys like this all day…

If you’re interested, here are a few accounts you should follow!

About that GQ photoshoot…

So many thoughts.

GQ ran a feature-length piece on American player, Christian Pulisic (who plays for Chelsea FC in England). It’s easily the most well-known feature on any American soccer player since that other photoshoot. You might remember this gem of a photo back in 2002. It’s Landon Donovan, taken before the World Cup that year. In case you’re interested, here’s the backstory on it written by The Athletic.

Back to Christian. THIS TIME, American soccer finally gets airtime on our golden boy Christian…

and THIS TIME, this is how they FIT HIM?! I’m lost, frankly.

Oh well. Peep the feature on GQ if you wanna see those other fits. This one was the worst look imo.

Inauguration Day fits were off the charts.

Bernie, Michelle, and that dude with the Nikes…

Wednesday’s Presidential Inauguration here in the States felt like the turning of a new leaf. One we all needed.

And to come out the gates of 2021 looking like this! Major vibes all around.

Take a look at some of these outfits.


cover photo by Mike Pendleton.