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So… I’m the first one to give KITH flack, mostly because I believe they’ve always had a leg up (access to finances, connections, etc) as they’ve scaled their brand. They’ve been fortunate to bypass much of what’s difficult about brand-building.

That said, this is the best work they’ve done yet. I’m blown away at how beautifully they managed to design their first European store.

Where else than La Ville Lumière?

Ronnie Fieg (founder) and his good pal Daniel Arsham (from Snarkitecture) often collab on KITH’s new store designs, and their signature store feature are the white kicks hanging from the foyer as you walk inside. This store is different than any other they’ve done too. It’s 16,000sq ft. (1486+ sq. meters), offers men’s and women’s collections, has a KITH Treats store, and a full-service restaurant, called Sadelle’s.

Here’s a closer look at their European Flagship.



If you own a cast iron (and are a new owner at that), cleaning your cast iron is very important. To soap or not to soap? Steel wool? Do you let it sit in water for long?

This is a helpful explanation worth sharing.

While we’re on the topic, if you’re looking for a cast iron that’s worth investing in, here are two you should consider:

I’ve actually owned a Smithy cast iron for a while now and it’s incredible. I use it for everything. Take care of it and cherish it forever.

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