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Is Golfcore a thing?

And why is everything in menswear ending with core these days?…

Anyhow, I’ve been following Anti Country Club Tokyo for a while, and they’re trying to break the stereotypes of who can golf and what golf-wear can look like.

Their motto is “Anarchism to old-school golf culture.” I dig it. We’ll see more brands shift this direction over the next few years, attracting younger audiences who don’t fit the country club aesthetic but want to create their own subsets of golf community.

In the meantime, somebody check on David Coggins. Make sure he’s alright.


Drake’s Makes Anything Cool

What else can we say? Drakes will find a way to make everything they design look so fucking cool.

It’s just not fair.

They recently released this blue fleece, and my god it’s good. My favorite detail is the yellow pennant on the chest. It’s simple and quirky but excellent.

Here’s their editorial on it.

About the Yellow Raincoat (brief history)

One of my favorite magazines, l'etiquette, wrote a nice little piece on IG about the timelessness of the yellow raincoat.

Here’s an excerpt from their post:

“Some clothes never get old. The yellow raincoat is one of them. Yellow was first worn by seamen by accident in Scotland during the early 18th century. At this time, seamen wore oiled linen caps which grew discoloured and yellow over the years. Naturally, technology and materials got better with time, but the appeal of yellow colouring seemed to stick, largely because it helped the visibility of fishermen in the event of fog or stormy seas. Today, the yellow raincoat remains a classic.”

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