The Weekly Roundup // 005

Style tips & news for you to chew on this weekend.

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Annnd we’re back. Took a break from posting last week. I was feeling a little mentally defeated and I needed some space to recenter. Thanks for rolling with the punches here. Right into it…

Some weekend listening— by the fire.

Made another playlist to indulge in. It’s real cosy, like if Bob Dylan and Nashville made a baby under the Autumn leaves. Idk what the hell that actually means, but I just want you enjoy this playlist. And share it with friends. Please. Thanks.

Quick links:

Digging a little deeper…

Away Travel gives back.

It’s been a bumpy ride for this travel brand the last 12 months. From shakeups on their executive team, to a pandemic that’s literally wrecked their entire business model, Away is being put to the test. Still, they’re using this period to help others. Teaming up with audio brand, Master & Dynamic, to design special luggage, and they’re giving 100% of proceeds artists struggling with addiction.

The reselling market is poppin’.

You know it’s real when a startup can raise money on building a tool for RESELLERS. It’s no secret people make very comfortable livings off buying hype products and reselling them on platforms like StockX, GOAT, and Grailed. Scout just raised a seed round to make that much simpler. It’s basically an inventory manager for all channels you sell into. Pretty dope.

KITH + Russell Athletic do it again.

The partnership between streetwear powerhouse, KITH, and nostalgic Russell is back this year. This editorial is centered around taking old vintage threads around the city and repurposing them into KITH’s well-known basics (hoodies, crewnecks, shorts). They only made a limited run, and you can’t buy em’ online, only in-store. Unless someone else did, then you can get them on Grailed for $500. Sheesh.

Slack is down… to collab.

A little late on this, but it’s too good not to share. Communications tool, Slack, is partnering with businesses a little differently these days. Known for their wealth of integrations with pretty much any software tool you can think of, this time they designed a special startup sneaker with shoe brand, Cole Haan. And it was… something. I would people didn’t really dig it.

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