This week in drops

Everything from Seasons and Nike x High Snobiety, to L.L. Bean and Hodinkee.

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Two quick things

1/ We are now accepting Fall members for Faculty Lounge, Sprezza’s private group chat! Email me here if you want accesss to our community :)

2/ We’ve got a loaded calendar of some great drops happening between now and the next few weeks. Here’s a roundup of what’s notable below:

1) A new menswear rental service

Seasons has been building a rental platform for designer menswear the last few years, and this week they launched publicly! I’ve had the pleasure of working with their team recently and they’re building something I’ve never seen before within menswear.

Let’s be real, the fact you can rent brands like Bode, Acne, and Our Legacy is something you can’t get anywhere else.

It’s a member-based platform, so you can subscribe as a monthly member ($20/mo) or annually ($195/yr), and with that you can rent as many or little items as you want (all pro-rated based on how long you wear them). You also get to try-before-you-buy, which I think is dope too.

Rent stuff from Seasons this holiday.

2) Todd Snyder x L.L. Bean

What: A full collection
Tomorrow, September 24, 11am ET.
Where: Todd Snyder online and in-store

The annual Todd LLB collab is back. Todd’s leaning heavy into the Maine camping vibes with this one. Last year he designed a cabin in the woods. Pumped about this one!

3) Birkenstock Mules and Persian rugs

What: Birkenstock mules made from Persian rugs
When: Tomorrow, September 24, 1pm ET
Where: King Kennedy Rugs online

These mules are some of the sexiest fucking things I’ve seen in *quite* some time. The creativity behind this is just next level and I’m so pumped for it to drop tomorrow. You’ve got to try and get your hands on a pair, if you can help it.

4) David Coggins for Drake’s

I’ve known this one was coming for a while, but I haven’t seen either party post pics of the full collection. Coggins is currently in London for his latest book, The Optimist, signing books at the Drakes shop.

Looks as though you can get early access at the shop for the collection. I’m sure it’ll shop soon.

5) High Snobiety for Nike

What: Running gear
Today, September 23rd!
Where: High Snobiety shop

This is a dope running kit from HS for Nike that just dropped. Looks like creative direction is coming from their Berlin outpost. Need that wind-breaker!

6) Blackstock & Weber for J.Crew

What: Pony hair loafers
When: Tomorrow, September 24th, 11am ET
Where: J.Crew’s website

This is really cool. Sprezza’s very own Chris Echeverria dropping a fuego pair of loafers with America’s past-time brand tomorrow!

Here’s an excerpt from Chris today about the drop:

“I used to fold shirts in J.Crew... This Friday, September 24th, Blackstock & Weber releases our first drop in collaboration with the same brand that gave me my first real glimpse into the world of menswear. Shout out to the team at J.Crew for trusting us with full control top to bottom on the creative, design and vision of the project. We have the most mighty little team in the game... and we're just getting started 🌍📈”

7) Hermès x HODINKEE

What: A watch. DUH!
When: September 28th, time TBD

I have very little info on what’s happening here, but it’s gotta be a watch!

8) Paynter // Batch No.9

What: Japenese denim jacket
When: October 9th, 9am BST (y’all Americans better wake up EARLY! Or just don’t go to sleep)
Where: Paynter online

Huw and Becky really dove down the Levi’s jacket hole with this one. Love the research they did on the history of jackets and their use of Japanese fabric on this one.

That’s all my friends!

Happy first week of Autumn 🍁 ☕️