TWR // #015

Stuff you should know about this week.

Thanks to y’all for giving me feedback on sprezza, and for referring friends! I got feedback from dozens across 8 countries—everywhere from Tokyo and Malaysia, to Montreal, Amsterdam, ATL, and Detroit. Y’ALL ARE WORLDWIDE!

Here’s some of what y’all told me:

  • “Your emails could be a little more visually pleasing.”

  • “I selfishly would love for you to expand to any fashion category, not just men's.”

  • “Sometimes your analyses are too long.”

  • “Think there are times when you talk about a topic as if you're the first to have a "take" on it, but then link out to an article with the same essential point…”

Sounds like I should do more Q&As/interviews, short-form content, reviews on brands/people/products, and cover more of the consumer space et al.

Gonna keep improving the experience. Can’t wait. Now for the weekend review.

This week…




Nike and Techwear.

Last week I wrote about Gorpcore (a style genre focused on camping/hiking/outdoor-wear), and how I think we’ll see that genre go mainstream this decade. This week, Nike dropped its summer 2021 collection of ACG (All Conditions Gear). Kind of fun to see predictions manifest like this (obvi it was already in the works).

Also, the collection looks DOPE!


Mifland and tonal sweats.

Tobi Egberongbe is one of my favorite designers. Everything he creates is plush with color and innovation. This time, his ATL-based apparel brand is dropping more heat tomorrow: tonal uniforms. He’s known for making seasonal sweats in different colors, and this time it looks like he’s taking cues from the desert. We likey.

Tom Sachs does it again…

Here’s a shoe you can beat the living hell out of. Introducing the Mars Yard 2.5. Tom is a contemporary artist who’s known for his collabs with all sorts of consumer brands, and this time he launched Wear Tester program.

From Hypebeast, “The way it works is that a select number of athletes will be chosen to receive the shoes, jot down their experiences on how it wears and performs and log in their firsthand feedback accordingly. After that, the kicks will then be returned, sanitized, studied, repaired and reissued.”

Not gonna lie, this is an insanely cool initiative by Tom and Nike, and I want to be on that seed list. Check out the campaign video they released:

Here’s your chance to give feedback on sprezza!