TWR // #016

Stuff you should know about this week.

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So… I thought it would be cool to occasionally feature those of you who read my Friday newsletter. To do that, send me:

  1. A photo of you rocking one of your favorite outfits (can be from this week, last week, or whenever…),

  2. Your first name and what city you live in.

  3. A few of your favorite pieces featured in the photo.

  4. Your Twitter / IG handle so we can share your profile.

I’ll share a few style outfits next Friday. Email photos to clayton (at) sprezza (dot) xyz.
Get em’ to me by Thursday this week!

Don’t overthink it. Check out the photos below for inspiration…


Came across these fits this week and wanted to share the inspiration!



A bit about outerwear…

A new kind of Hunting Jacket.

Came across this piece on Manready Mercantile’s IG page and it looks phenomenal. It’s actually from Freenote Cloth, a brand owned by two brothers based in California. I once got to visit their studio in San Juan Capistrano, right near the beach.

Here’s a bit about the piece and its background:

“The Keynot is Freenote Cloth’s reinterpretation of a classic hunting jacket. Based on a vintage piece we found in Alaska and updated with military inspired details, the Keynot is the most complex jacket we have ever made… The overall fit is tailored, without sacrificing mobility. The Keynot is offered in two versions. The first is a recolored cold war era camo, printed on Japanese textile. The second is an olive colored Bedford style cord from Japan…”

The Michelin Man Robe.

That’s what I call it. Not gonna knock it though, that thing looks COMFY. I bet it’s more like a weighted blanket. Honestly, though, what a genius idea to have your daily uniform for all Hangouts / Zoom meetings we sit in on everyday.

Would you pay $300+ for this?