Wes Anderson's jeans, New Balance on fire, and is Arc'teryx the new Supreme?

Stuff you should grab, shit you can't have, and a few other things to consider this month.

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If Wes Anderson wore jeans…

They'd without a doubt be corduroy. Cord jeans are a solid option if you want something casual. These 5 pocket pairs from Buck have some give structure and warmth without feeling heavy.

Check em’ out.


Knotted belts

First off, Daniele Day-Lewis is a style GOAT. There’s no debate. There’s so much to like about the way he layered pieces. It’s just effortless and so damn cool. And one of my favorite quirks he was known for is knotting his belts. I used to do that all the time growing up, except I wore this old-school braided one.

Big vintage ivy vibes.

I’m having trouble finding smaller, independent brands who could sell braided belts, so if you know of any, holler at me. In the meantime, here are a few good braided belt options from L.L. Bean and J.Crew.

Wythe New York takes over Montana

And their model is giving me serious Clint Eastwood vibes. Here’s the lookbook if you’re interested. The overcoat is sold out, sorry. But their shirting is next level so you should check it out.

Here’s a peek at their shirting collection. Money. Just money.

What dropped

  • Noah x Barbour made a collection of waxed cotton jackets and they turned out nicely. Also sold out, as expected. Check the Grailed listings in a few weeks.

  • General Admission LA released a very Carhartt-y Detroit-style jacket. And it’s sold out.

  • Todd Snyder x New Balance dropped the Stony Beach 5740s today.

  • An Ivy in Copenhagen made a limited-run of these super dope Ivy caps based on illustrations. So fresh. Cop here.

New Balance is on a different level

It’s hard to think of another brand that’s hitting on all cylinders the way New Balance is. In a few years, they’ve shifted our perception of them as a mere dad sneaks option for when you have kids, to now, where they’re one of the more culturally-dialed-in brands in the business

They deserve major credit for repositioning the brand as an incubator for creatives and artists.

In that time, they’ve literally teamed up with folks like Jack Harlow, Salehe Bembury, Todd Snyder, JoeFreshGoods, Aimé Leon Dore (and appointed Teddy Santis as Creative Director over made in the USA brand), and Jjjjound. Keep going NB!

The streetwearification of golfwear

Golf—let alone any individual sport like cycling or tennis—is having one hell of a comeback as well. I wrote about this back in April, where I dove into why and how it’s been so hot lately. And more importantly, how golf aesthetic is proudly anti-country-club now!

We love to see it.

And just last month, guess what happens?

Drake announced his new golf collection for Nike under NOCTA, his Nike-capsule brand. To be fair, Drake’s a little behind the curve on golfwear, but it’s a reflection that the sport is trending to younger audiences, a sport that’s for everyone. Not just white people with a country club membership.

If you wanna dive more into the streetwearification of golf, peep this link.

Golf style, streetwear, and being anti country club
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Fall footwear

There’s a place for the staples and a place for veering from the norm. Marc Nolan designed some great mixed-material leather boots this fall. They’ve got a wide range of options too. Whether you want something bold or more toned down (woven brown), they’ve got some cool casual boots to shake things up this holiday.

Check em’ out.

Cop or drop?

You tell me…

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Fall Knitwear part deux

The last few months I’ve been curating seasonal style guides to help you think about what’s worth buying as the weather cools down.

And what’s hard AF about doing that is that naturally, I forget brands to include, or discover new products after the fact. This happened with knitwear, so I wanted to highlight a few ivy-style pieces that are fantastic investments…

Collections here:

Is Arc’teryx the new Supreme?

Woke up yesterday and saw this tweet and it had me laughing…

And how incredible it is that Arc’teryx is just so likable. They’ve cemented their place at the intersection of culture, music, streetwear, and, well… outdoors. It also helps that they’ve leveraged the rise of Gorpcore style (another topic I wrote about) over the last few years.

I believe this is Arc’teryx’s decade to lose. They’re so well-positioned as the de-facto brand to team up with and would not be surprised if they hire a creative director to solely run part of their brand the way Carhartt’s done with Carhartt WIP.

Just my 2c. I’ll write more about this topic later…