Your Fall 2020 Style Guide

How you should think about dressing this season.

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Fall. Has. Arrived.

It’s our favorite season. As you may know, Kirk and I grew up in Florida, where you can’t (don’t) layer. Ever.

Then I moved to New York, which is basically the opposite of Florida. You get to layer a lot. So, I learned a thing or two about the mixing and the matching.

This is the first of its kind, where we wanted offer a style guide for the season. It’s for anyone who’s looking to evolve their style, whether that’s doing a colossal overhaul or making a few tweaks where it feels right.

So let’s talk about style, fall, and layering. Here we go!

General style advice.

1/ Find a tailor. Now.

Evergreen advice: every man needs a good tailor. This is non-negotiable. Tailors are handy for many things, like fitting a suit, tapering, hemming, and more. Hell, maybe we’ll just do a whole lesson next on tailoring. The point is: your tailor is sacred. So find a good one in your town and stick with em’.

2/ Tones are good.

Sticking to a family of tones gives you more flexibility when pairing outfits. Whether it’s beige, brown, sand, taupe, keep those tones close. Here’s a (cheesy, albeit) illustration of where feels good to play when Fall rolls around. We’ve done the work for you to realize how this fits in to your wardrobe. See below.

3/ Plaids on solids.

You really can mix the two. Not on every occasion, but it’s possible. Not much else to say, just play around with it a little. Don’t be scared.


The Sightseer.

The Stick of Butter.

The Paperboy meets Bird Hunter.

The Cozy Cowboy.

  • Overshirt: no longer in production :(

  • Sweater: no longer in production :(

  • Japanese Denim: Grayers

  • Boots: Frye Company

The Art Director.

The Williamsburg Graphic Designer.

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