What is sprezza?

It’s a newsletter exploring men’s style.

I like the word style. I think about it a lot, and what it means when someone says, you have good style.

Style is not fashion. Fashion fades, style ages well.

Style (like investing) compounds. It gets better as you get older. Having good style starts with caring. And caring always starts somewhere.

And that’s what sprezza is all about.

It’s a destination for anyone who gives a damn about how you dress, eat, & drink, travel, and treat others.

…because if we’re stuck on this planet for a while, we might as well look good & enjoy it while we can.

What we talk about:

Everything from menswear (obvi), good ideas, bad branding, (not so) fine art, Ralph Lauren, natural wine, sports, sneakers (on occasion), coffee, to visiting Amsterdam, and how to generally be a good human.

You can regularly expect:

  • thoughtful interviews

  • style tips

  • product reviews

  • trends & insights

  • ideas to enhance daily living

…and anything else I’m vibing with.

Where to follow us.

Twitter for the threads.

Instagram for the vibes.