A Guide to Watches this Fall

What does $100 get you? $1,000? Three racks? Over $6k? Let us indulge you.

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So, we’ve already covered Fall guides for outerwear, knit caps, and socks. And today, our guy Tony from Rescapement is back at it for another takeover. He’s curated a tidy seasonal guide to wearing watches this fall. I’ve learned more about timepieces from this dude than anywhere else, and always appreciate his energy towards making watches feel approachable.

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I recently skimmed through the comments section on some HODINKEE article. Author and watch geek Gary Shteyngart—his essay, “Confessions of a Watch Geek” for the New Yorker is a must—offered his catch-all advice for which timepieces to buy at what price point (which I assume was slightly flippant, but mostly serious): 

“Under $1,000? Some kinda Seiko

Over $1,000, a Nomos

Over $3,000, maybe a Tudor or Grand Seiko

Between $6,000 and $60,000, the 36mm Rolex Explorer 1.”

I saw it and thought, “perhaps it is that simple.” And I’ll add one more category:
Under $100: G-Shock, but now we’re quibbling a bit. Oh, and above $6,000, the Cartier Tank, which Sprezza stans hard. But you already know that

So, I thought I’d use this Shteyngart-ian framework to recommend some fine watches that I admire for the Sprezza fall guide.

Where to purchase:


We love the Nomos lookbook from Worn and Wound.

Where to purchase:

Where to purchase:

Where to purchase:

Want it new?
You’ll have to wait, but the Explorer probably has the shortest wait of the popular Rolex “sport” models. Be nice to your local Rolex authorized dealer.

Want it vintage?
Trusted dealers like Hodinkee Shop, Analog Shift, Menta Watches, and Wind Vintage.

Parting thoughts from the High Priest…

First, buying watches can be confusing and scary, so feel free to DM me (Tony) with any questions. Second, I know in this piece we classified watches as “new”, “pre-owned”, or “vintage”.

Here’s what they mean, and where to buy each category:

New: Brand new, in-production watches. Best to buy from your local boutique or retailer. Mr. Porter, Hodinkee, and Watches of Switzerland are some of the best authorized online retailers, and some (but not all) of the big brands also have DTC websites nowadays.

Pre-owned: Out-of-production watches, made after 1990ish. Best to buy from respected pre-owned dealers like Bob’s Watches, Crown & Caliber, and Watchbox. Chrono24 is good for scrolling, but not always for buying.

Vintage: Pre-1990ish, old. Best to buy from trusted vintage dealers. A few of our favorites are Eric Wind, Adam at Menta Watches, Jacek at Tropical Watch, and the Hodinkee Shop.

Thanks for reading! Share this with somebody you think would appreciate it. We’ve got a few more seasonal guides coming. Stay tuned.