Good Finds #023: My first podcast, Spring footwear, and vintage Carhartt

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My first podcast…

WELL WELL. The great folks at Club Cool in Austin were kind enough to host me on their pod this week.

We chatted about my style background, longing for international travel, what to drink in the summer, how I clean my cast iron, brands & products I love right now, and more.

Hope you have a listen!

And plz subscribe to their podcast on Spotify 😎



The best American menswear right now

On Tuesday I wrote about 5 American menswear brands I’m bullish on right now. Would love to hear about any brands you’re digging at the moment.

LMK what you think here!

NOAH goes surfing

Seeing this announcement made me happy. It perfectly fits the NOAH brand to nurture its surfing roots. I also appreciate that they focused on making equipment in the USA, which isn’t easy (or cheap) to do. Each board below is custom-made, and they did a deeper editorial piece about this new collection of products. Read it here.

You’ll love this story…

Just caught up with Nick, an old homie and fellow Sprezza family member.

He posted film rolls on his IG this week of a photoshoot at the beach for this German brand, A Kind of Guise, and I was blown away.

Here’s the story behind those photos, from Nick (photos linked below):

“The brand had an open entry for photographers last fall for a campaign they wanted to run this Spring called “Postcards From Everywhere.” They selected 15 people from around the world to participate and I was lucky enough to be one of the two from the States.

They sent everyone a few samples from their spring collection (everyone got something different), along with a point-and-shoot camera and two rolls of film, and told us to have fun with it.

I wanted it to look and feel like summer, so I shot everything in Westerly, Rhode Island where I spent a lot time growing up. My friend Neville came up from Brooklyn for the weekend and killed it as a model. I also styled my girlfriend in the lavender suit which was fun.”

Check out Nick’s photoshoot here. Wonderful stuff.

Another one…

This sneaker goes crazy. I also enjoyed the mochas he dropped last year, but this is Travis Scott’s best one yet. I don’t really have much else to say. They just look so dope.

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