Good Finds #027: History of navy blazers, dad sneakers, and vintage Levi's

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The ever-enduring navy blazer

So Drake’s recently dropped this casual blazer and it had me down the rabbit hole of nostalgia. I used to wear blazers all the time growing up!
I’ve always been fascinated with a blazer’s place in society and how it has gradually embedded itself as a staple in menswear over the last few hundred years.

If you’ve never worn a blazer, or you need a primer, here’s a quick run-down:

  • Blazers come from England.

  • They’re rooted in the Rowing tradition. Oarsmen used to wear warmup jackets (AKA “blazers”) before competitions.

  • The word blazer comes from the blazing red coats of Lady Margaret Boat Club in Cambridge.

Over time, blazers became part of a man’s daily fit. All the greats have worn blazers in recent history.
Here are some icons peacocking…

Annnd last, here’s me with all my brothers wearing a navy blazer at Orel Hersheiser’s wedding. Yes, the MLB pitcher.

I’m the one with the smirk.

Long live navy blazers!

A summer short for everything

*In partnership with Olivers

I love having a pair of go-to shorts for the warmer months, whether I’m hitting the beach, grilling out, or going for a hike. This pair of staple shorts from Olivers checks all the boxes.
They’ve been designing quality performance wear for years, and they guarantee all their products. If something’s at fault (outside of wear-and-tear), they’ll replace it up to 365 days after purchase.

Check em’ out here!
Price: $68

A word on menswear & baseball caps

The boys over at Blackstock & Weber just dropped a special baseball cap with THE New York Mets. Chris, the founder, is a long-time Mets fan and has been eyeing this collab for years.

And it’s not the first of its kind either. Both Gucci and Aimé Leon Dore have linked up with the Yankees recently… but doing it with the Mets is a first. I personally dig this and I’m pumped for the B&W team.

Grab one while you can. Drops at 12pm ET today.

About New Balance and dad sneakers

Came across this New Balance ad recently and I love it because it speaks to the transcendence that Brand can have across generations and socio-economic status.

Other brands that have this kind of power are Levi’s and Vans. Going to write more on this topic soon.

You can find a pair at Todd Snyder or GoodHood if you fancy the dad life.

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