Long shorts, Mr. Rogers cardigan, and the beauty of worn-in Vans

A few things that you must have, ought to have, and *can't* have.

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Giorgio Armani’s long shorts

Yes, I’m aware I just made the case for wearing short shorts last week. But there’s equally something to be said about wearing long shorts too, especially pleated twill ones.

The bad news? You can’t have the Giorgio Armani’s.

The good news? Land’s End (weirdly enough) makes a fantastic pair worth grabbing.

Something you can’t have

This is one of the dopest jackets I’ve ever seen. Hands down.

Japanese brand Rifatto Atelier calls this piece the jacket Around the World; if you look closely you can see a bunch of different country flags. It was seamlessly quilted together into a glorious kimono that fits perfectly. There’s only one problem: you can’t have it. That’s because it sold out and he only made 1. The founder literally said it was so difficult to make that he “probably won’t” do it again. Sorry.

BUT here’s a link to their shop, with a bunch of other unique, Japanese patchworked pieces. Let me know if you find anything!

The beauty of worn-in Vans

I feel nostalgic over this one. I grew up rocking Vans in the beating-hot, Summer Florida sun, and let me say: there’s nothing better than worn-in summer Vans. The dirtier they get, the better. Found this photo of an old, worn-in pair and it reminded me to remind you that you should get a Navy pair for Summer. Surprisingly, this exact pair is tough to find (even on Vans), but I found them here.

You’re welcome.

A better kind of deodorant

In partnership with Fulton & Roark

Fulton & Roark’s deodorant is the best product I’ve tried from them so far; here are three reasons why: 1) the bottle is refillable (better for the earth!), 2) it’s a blend of the best-smelling, fine fragrances, 3) and most important, it’s aluminum-free (and it actually works). If you’re on the hunt, give this a try. It doesn’t disappoint.

The Mr. Rogers cardigan

I don’t care if it’s hot as hell outside, this 1960s cardigan is a GEM. It’s got this beautiful, brushed mohair (that stuff that looks scruffy/fuzzy) and that baby blue is just *chef’s kiss.*
Check it out.

“WTF is this” Bodega short

I’m not sure what you even call this, but I like it. This is part of Bodega’s second Summer delivery, and this might be one of their best pieces. It’s a hodge-podge of something, but it really works.

Here you go.