The case for *short* shorts this summer

And a few other things.

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This is probably…

An unpopular take for Americans to consider. Our water-wear has long been influenced by mass-production, consumerism, and shopping malls. Remember Pacsun and Tillys? Look—I won’t knock it. Personally, I loved me some Rusty, Quiksilver, and Billabong as a kid!

But, there’s an elegance to wearing short shorts. Billabongs or Quiksilvers might cover the distance (quite literally), but short shorts work in all settings. They’re just classier, timeless, and more mature.

Nantucket or Ocean City.
Members Club or dive bar.
Monaco and The Rockaways.
The Amalfi Coast and Daytona.

Wear them wherever. The same can’t be said about long shorts.

If you do opt for short shorts this summer, I only have one rule:

…You gotta work on that tan.

We can’t have Pasty Boy Summer out here (especially after a pandemic).

Here are a few swim-short options to get you started:

Lids for the great outdoors

If you’re on the hunt for stuff to cover your head while you’re outdoors the next few months, look no further than Outsiders. They alwyas knock it out of the park with outdoor gear and their brand curation is top notch. Check em’ out.

Side note: here’s a list of hats I curated for you to rock this summer.

Finding your fragrance

There’s an art and science to finding a good scent. Fulton & Roark gets both. I’ve been using their fragrance finder to see what I liked, and I went with Blue Ridge. It’s a mix of sandalwood, sage, and amber, and it smells incredible!
Give their fragrance finder a try!

What’s dropping (and restocks):


  • Rowing Blazers & Seiko collab’d on a wonderful timepiece last week, and… it sold out, fast. Jack Carlson, RB founder, tells the story behind this collab, and it’s pretty tight.

  • Banana Republic is B A C K. Sorta. Ana Andjelic recently took over creative for the brand, and they just released 225 vintage pieces to cleanse our palette of a brand that has lost its way. Here’s the full collection if you’re interested. I’m keen to see Banana be good again.

  • JJJJound made a field jacket in honor of filmmaker, Stanley Kubrik.

What should I write about next? Brands, products, other topics… LMK what you think!

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