agree with this 100% - there's definitely a trade off with Kith stacking racks with these collabs

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most definitely!

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Agree Kith is pretty whack these days, but curious for who you think does collabs well?

Also, curious for your thoughts on Supreme's collab approach -- Is it more authentic / cool? If so, why? They have been definitely been steadily growing their $$$s while maintaining their collab cadence. Perhaps coolness has ebbed and flowed based on pre-teen hypebeast interest though...

My quick take is Supreme's collabs are often with lesser known artists or brands that are excellent purveyors of one specific product (e.g. Opinel knives). The occasional Nike and LVMH also to be sure. But they usually have some angle related to what I would call 'youth culture' (music, graffiti, skating, or sports, etc) so it works / feels natural

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